Tommy Saylor /



(June 2018 - present) Data collaboration platform

Software Engineer

  • Joined as employee 4
  • More here soon! :)


1yr (February 2017 - present) Electronic musical instrument studio in San Francisco, CA



4.5yrs (August 2012 - February 2017) Marketplace for local services startup in San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer

  • Worked full stack and across all parts of product on web
    • conversion A/B testing on consumer landing pages from SERPs
    • pro onboarding, education, activation, and retention flows
    • monetization and payment flows, credit card management
    • static pages, terms change acceptance flows
  • By the time I left, code I wrote was used by 250,000 active service professionals
  • Mentored 9 new hires and 2 interns; hired and managed 2 reports

UI Engineer

  • Authored first internal front-end styleguide and reusable component library
  • Introduced responsive web design, icon font, CSS animations, modals, tool tips

BubbleLife Media

2yrs (August 2010 - August 2012) Hyperlocal news / advertising startup in Dallas, TX

Web Developer

  • Brought in as first non-founder developer, worked in all layers of stack
  • Wrote and designed major, integral product features: responsive design, HTML5/iPad magazine, mobile sites, surveys, crime maps, Facebook and WordPress integration, image galleries, interstitial ads, modal windows
  • Integrated improvements to a preexisting 80k+ line codebase: Ajax APIs, CSS theme inheritance system, RSS parsing


  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Python
  • PHP
  • SQL


  • Ball State University
    BA in Telecommunications/Multimedia, Digital Media Minor
    Cum Laude